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So Hawt SL

I have a patch work fetish…. haha

What can I say

Honestly though.. in rl, I have this blanket I have been working on forever!!!! And it is all patch work..
My kids baby clothing.. my high school prom dress (yes, i cut that sucker up!), just random pieces I have collected over the years.. PLUS, my jeans have patch work as well…
I love patch work.. so, when AIDORU sent over a bunch of things (thank you, btw), my eyes were automatically drawn to the “Granny Knit”… I was curious.. and so, now I know why..
It was calling out to me….. can’t you see it?.. or, hear..
“Morganaaaaaa… weeeearrrrr meeeee….” or, something odd like that..
Anyway.. this is my last post for a few hours.. I am off to rest!

Please note, and this is to all designers, for all events.. I know there were more items sent, and I WILL blog…

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