Angels come from all walks in life…

So Hawt SL

There is this lovely lady named, Shylie Bravin…
She gave me something to smile about today, when another person made me feel… somewhat used.. but, a few of my friends, and contacts helped me through it, and Shylie.. well, she added that extra touch.. like an Angel.. no pun for those of you who know me alittle more personally, you know what I mean.

So, this post is dedicated to Shylie as well as the other lil angels that helped to keep me calm in an otherwise stressful situation. xoxo
(it’s not a sad song… but, it starts out that way… make sure you watch the video… trust me!)

Angels come from

Angels are everywhere… you just can’t see them.. but, you can feel them..


Shape – So Hawt SL – Kouralee (new)
Skin – -Glam Affair – Neva – Jamaica – 04 E (Collabor88)
Blusher – .tsg. High Maintenance…

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