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New Items from ICONIC Couture, available now, and Hipster Fair 2014, beginning January 21st (landmark) and open two weeks until February 4th.

Here’s a peek at some of the awesome items available at the Fair, featuring Pure Poison, POMPOSITY, Nerd Monkey, Backwoods Mafia, Zoey’s Closet, Frogstar, M&M, Mirror’s Enigma, and more….


LOOK: The CHIC Hispter



LOOK: The Trouble Maker



Ariel view of Hipster Fair, opening Jan. 21st.




Fara hair by ICONIC Couture

Mesh Dress & Boots by M&M, available at Hipster Fair

Celeste Skin (tan, smoky) by Mirror’s Enigma, available at Hipster Fair

Sunglasses by Zoey’s Closet (Gacha item), available at Hipster Fair

 Garnet Gloss Journal by Frogstar, available at Hipster Fair

Industrial wood planks and cargo box seats by Backwoods Mafia, available at Hipster Fair

Lipcolor by Glamorize


Rebellion hair by ICONIC Couture, group item only

Bandana Owl top by Gipsy Chic (*GC*), available at 

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4 thoughts on “HIPSTER FAIR Opens ;)

  1. I know it’s bad etiquette to dis the hand that gifts you but, I’ve not seen such reprehensible behavior at a fair in a long time. One vender hid their free gift almost entirely with in the boundary box of a $55 item. If you weren’t paying attention it would be very easy to buy the item instead of getting the gift. Another one had “gift” boxes priced at $20 and $50. Is nobody monitoring the standards here?

    • Yes we alert to the designer but many get many them say: its a good quality,I only made the gift for this fair. We be alert to the costumer in the sim too . Our team monitoring all sim. We have a 24 Hrs Support team. Maybe the boxes in 20 L$ are the bazaar boxes the gifts only are inside each store join in this fair. Thank for your opinion

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