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۰•● The Hipster Fair 2014 ●•۰
Jan 21. 2014 to Feb, 04.2014
Theme: Hipster & Indie Fashion Style

The Hipster Fair 2014- Board Logo

Ok so… Hipster fair!!  How blooming awesome is that?! Hehe, alot of fun went into creating for this fair, although I have to admit maybe I got a little distracted looking at RL pics of hipster fashion for inspiration xD  the team behind this fair asked us designers for an exclusive for the fair and in true -|D.L.Z|- style I said well I can’t leave anyone out so we released two! One for the guys and one for the girls!!

Guys we have for you: TIMBER!! A sexy relaxed casual plaid shirt teamed up with a more formal black waistcoat giving you that ultimate hipster look!! Hud controlled with 7 shirt options you can team it down with jeans or up with slacks. Perfect for whatever you need!


Guys we have…

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