Always be Prepared♦

{{Suck ... my face♥}}

Love this look so muches! Enjoy my loves ♥

Always be Prepared♦ Always be Prepared♦

NEW!!! Hair *Milk* ~ Poppy Seed *Wild Child* [@The LC | info]

 NEW!!! Ears +Spellbound+ Momo Cat Ears // Black

 NEW!!! Headband .ARISE. Cruise Headchain

 NEW!!! Eyebrows .random.matter. – Misery Brows [@CF | info]

 NEW!!! Tears [geek.] Ink Tears Pak -Blue-  [@CF | info]

 Nose Rings (epoque) Couronne Septum – Obsidian

 NEW!!! Lips Pink Acid Camille Lip Balm – Ice Pink  @CF | info]

NEW!!!  Lip Piercing :Diamante: Serenade Facial Piercing

Choker *BLITZED* Legacy choker

 NEW!!! Tattoo .Reckless. Rich as fuck tattoo

 NEW!!! Top DAPPA – Croptops  [@SD info]

 NEW!!! Nails :FY: Jacked Up Nails [@Bodify | info]

 NEW!!! Arm Strap <BIC>

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