Flash! Bam! Alakazam!

Gloria Silverstone

Comic Book Girl, full

Another fun and colorful outfit from The Comic Pop Art Fair 2014!  I’m really getting into this whimsical side of my personality.  This sexy mid-drift baring mini dress, The Bang! is designed by Kharanee’s Clothing, available with Phat Azz, Cute Azz, Brazilia, and Lolas Tango appliers (worn without any extra appliers in snaps), is a great combo between comic graphic art and Pop Art denoted by legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein.  To enhance the cartoon effect, I paired the Bang dress with SkyComic Jewelry set (necklace & bangles), UnrepentantBang Knuckle Duster (ring), and the HollyhoodSuperHero Slink finger nails appliers (hands & feet).  Adding to the whimsy of the Pop Art Comic Book girl are the Geek Ink Tears Red (eye make-up), ::kDm::Meal Pierce Morning Set earrings (Silver, Rare gatcha) and the Tabou IrresistibleMina Hair (Baby Blue).  When I was…

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