Countdown For Open The Aloha Fair 2014- Surprise Live Show

We are So Excited About this fair.

Our Team Make a beauty Sim Work.

We Made a Special Thanks to all Designer and Blogger Inside This Event. We Love you all work is very pretty. Around 110 Store in SL in one Sim ….You dont Miss the oportunity to get all awesome design made by our pretty designer.

Thanks To Clint Quandry and all your special team. All Our Love Too

Our Sponsor Store: {{BSD Design studio}},  No Name, ArisAris, Envyme, Anymore, Morphine, MoOh, LivGlam, DeeTaLez, Candy Nails, Dew, Delirium Style, Promagic, Wow Skin, Legal Insanity, Essenz 

We have a big Suprise for the second week of this fair:

Authentic Hawaiian Luaus presented by Island Designs

One experience you must have, during a visit to Hawaii,   
it is a night of Hawaiian culture and hospitality at a traditional 
 Honolulu Luau!

More Info dont miss vist The Luau at Isle de Casanova 

Touch In picture

Authentic Luaus presented by Island Style Designs

Soon I post Here The Official Landmark for Access to the sim fair




Team Event Hunt



One thought on “Countdown For Open The Aloha Fair 2014- Surprise Live Show

  1. ALOHA!
    My troupe and I are so excited to be a part of the Aloha Fair this year! We will be entertaining on the sim during the Fair, with live singers, dancers, bartenders, and story tellers, all with the purpose of bringing a taste of authentic Polynesian Culture to SL for the visitors to the sim. A big island Mahalo to Nickki Romano of Island Style Designs who has provided all of our costumes, and some props for us, and ofcourse to Crisshoney Violet for all of her help as well as the rest of the Fair Team! They have done a wonderful job on the sim, the collaboration of the vendors, and we cannot wait for a packed sim of tanned skin guests! Let the festivities begin!!

    Clint Quandry

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