The Frozzen Fair – Our New Event For December 2014

Hi dear Reader …!!!

We all Know Boho Culture Fair Closed Now!!!

Now our team made the new event for closed our one year of event 2014

* THE NEXT EVENT FOR 2015- The Hipster Fair 2015- App Soon Avaliable

Frozzen Fair20141


THEME: Winter, Snow, Frozzen, Xmas, Blue, Ice, Red & Green Colors all in the Winter Tendency.

Most the 175  App Get for this event…. We have now Only a few Medium Store Avaliable If any designer Want Apply at médium store only need come to our office inworld

Take App and send to Annet Banx or Fiorella Clarity as Soon posible

The Blogger App are open so you can come and send your App to Fiorella Clarity our Blogger Mannager for all our event,.


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