Boho Couture Fair is Open for Business!


Nova Ghee for Blog 1

Okay guys, so the Boho Couture Fair is officially open, and in honor of that, I just had to post. Again. Also, because I feel bad about being gone for so long. So there’s that, too. Anyway, this time around, I’m featuring quite a few things from Ghee, who not only recently released their vibrant and awesome Fall ’15 collection, but is also participating in the Boho Couture Fair again this year. Let me see if I can begin to explain how happy that makes me…

Nope. Can’t explain.

Anyway, this outfit is something I had some fun with. It includes three of Ghee’s items from the fair (one of which is a GIFT), and the gift item from the Fall ’15 collection, the drape, which I loooooooove. LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS. We’ve been over this though. Nova loves crazy patterns and colors. And in case you can’t see…

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