Left-Right-Left, the Battle Wages On…


Step by step
Heart to heart.
Left-right-left, we all fall down
Like toy soldiers…”

white elephant dress 2

Sorry I’ve been away, everyone. Health issues continue to make life around here pretty interesting, but things are getting better by the day, I think. I know it’s been a long time since I posted here. It seems that when I have to take a break from here, I almost always end up with a host of people ready to break my neck. Sorry about that, too, I guess. I decided a few weeks ago to take a step back from a few things, like dance, which I had grown to love. And still love. Let’s be honest there. However, I’ve learned over the last couple weeks that sometimes, certain things just plain aren’t worth the headache and the heartache, so I’ve been taking some time to recover, focus on me, and finish some projects I’ve…

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