The Garage Fair 2016

A Walk Around Raidy's Realm

The Garage Fair opens on May 1st and runs though may 15th. I’ll post the SURL once it opens but for now, I’m going to show you some great things!

MunSpain has some wonderful decor coming to the Garage Fair. I’m wearing an outfit from -D-Style- thats hud controlled with shoes that is also for the fair.  The Chair I’m sitting on is from Image Essentials and its called “Show me the shoes” and its exclusive to the fair. The awesome car you see is from IE too. Grab it at the Garage Fair.

26075461933_9b1de4e4da_b See credits for details

26679537915_38fd900cc9_b See credits for details

26679537765_cd3514004a_b See credits for details

26613727511_ec5b484c4c_b See credits for details

Aradia Wears
Outfit–D-Style-Sarah Set (Garage Fair), Mistique- Heather Pink dress ( Garage Fair) Monomania Ravena Rebel Soul T-shirt (Garage fair) Lakshimi Ojal skirt (Garage Fair)
Hair- !Soul Fire
Catwa Jessica Mesh Head
Slink Elegant hands/Physique body

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