585 – Aloha Fair: Aris Aris – Hibiscus

Sannis Fashion Look & More in SL


Aris Aris at  The Aloha Fair – getting your summer outfit !
Aloha Fair is running until August 10, 2016.

My outfit of sexy shorts and bandana top with including jewels brooch of a hibiscus flower  is the exclusive of Aris Aris at The Aloha Fair.
Top & Shorts are coming with lots os mesh sizes. It fitted perfectly on my Maitreya body.
The jewel brooch has a hud to change the metal colour to your liking. Also resizeable !
Make a copy of the brooch and put it where you want – maybe als as hair attachment.

My earrrings “Believer Earrings Set 4” are available as gift at Addicted to Black from IT! Indulge Temptatations.
This gift is absolutely awesome ! Included in this set are all as a complete set or each as seperate part. As always you find a hud included for chaning metals, gems and…

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