Shopping Shopping

Aerlinniel's Wolftracks

( Collaboration pose with Gwen Gudkov Roughneck, check out her blog here! )
Yes we went shopping again as usual. Seems like we can never find what we started for but always come home with tons  of things to try on or just have because well, you know, we all have to have 4 closets.

Poses and Props:

We have some fantastic items for you that can be found at the Hipster Fair February 17 to March 3! There’s even some gifts included!
Starting us off we have the gift for Hipster Fair , from XXY called Bacetto. A great couple pose for those sweet photo shoots when you are feeling mushy.
{TOUCH MIA}  designed the Hipster-Stache Wall Decor hanging upon the wall behind us. Make a statement without uttering a word. And Lush also has a great gift at the Hipster Fair for us. This Hipster Pillow…

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