Chop Zuey @ The Aloha Fair- Free Gift- The Maui Maui Set

Stepping Through Time With Xiomara

So I understand The Aloha Fair opened on yesterday, 28July. This may be the event of the summer season, with designers such as Chop Zuey Couture Jewelrysponsoring. This evening I am on vacation at my beach home and wearing the FREE Gift offered by ChopZuey. This is called the “Maui Maui Set” and is beautiful to show. The set consists of Necklace, two Bracelets, and Earrings in mixed gems, stones, and beach glass. With so many pretty colors in this set it is easy to compliment anything in your wardrobe. resizers are built into all the pieces individually so you can go big or small, your choice. Chop Zueyinvites you to 15 days of best summer sales with The Aloha Event ending on August 11th. The Maui Maui Set is found at the Event along with two exclusive designs I shall show later. Take good…

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