Last Days For Get All….!!! Aloha Fair 2018

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Good morning dear followers and subscribers

These are the last days to get all the exclusive designs of the best second life brands in a single sim.

Do not wait … Maybe it’s late tomorrow


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They are more than 80 stores
More than 80 gifts in each one of them, Gachas Machines Exclusive and Discount Bazaar Boxes.

Dont miss All Exclusive Landpoint Gifts Too.




The Aloha Fair 2016- Open Tomorrow at Noon Sl Hour – Sneak a Peak

We are so excite to present sneak a peak of our Summer Event- The Aloha Fair 2016

We all Know Open Tomorrow at Noon Sl Hour

For All Our readers  Get Primacy to the landmark and a few sneak of gifts  🙂


The Aloha Fair 2016
Sponsored By
MONOMANIA-Mooh!-Slipper Original-NoName-  LAKSHMI-La Gazza Ladra-LX Essentials- Gypsy Chic- A*S- Aris Aris – Shae’s Designs -8-NSP Florals & [MUSE]-Ghee
This Summer Best Event…!
80 Great Designer In One Summer Trendy Sim
Animations-Furniture- Decor- Clothes- Shoes- Skin & Much More
–  Gacha
–  Discount Bazaar in Less 99 L$
– Exclusive Gifts in Each Store- Found the Beach Ball.
– Exclusive Items In Discount 50 % Or more Less.

Amazing Group Gifts In The Landpoint
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.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.

Third Life Group Gifts For Female
THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]


More Info & Catalog in our Flickr:


Info For Share- Designer & Blogger Wanted Geektopia Event

Not ours, but the proposal looks very interesting.
If any of our follower want join read completed all info blog them.
We want to support the new events.
Thank you for contacting us.
I hope you have a big sucess event.

Bee Event SL

Geek Culture is a movement towards an infinite nexus to advances in technology, a geek is a person with an inescapably linked to Internet social life, social networks, online multiplayer games or MMORPG, LARP, chats, comics among others. A geek also uses this technology and the Internet as a means of cultural expression as a way to spread a sense of aesthetics within that special interest on it.

Thus was born our fair Geektopia. An New event that I will have as a focal point Geek culture and everything that surrounds the new technology.

We look for designers who want to demonstrate their fascination and originality with technology, games and comic, bringing their designs to fit the geek trend.

geek topialogo

It is important to remember that the use of official real life logo,trademark or comic characters in their designs is prohibited for sale, it violates the intellectual property of RL designers…

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The Frozen Fair 2014- Open Today at Noon Time SL. Be 1st to Get the Landmark Here

Most 120 Store around the Sim
Gifts Free- Exclusive- Gacha
Essenz, ArisAris, Legal Insanity, K-CODE,Sassy!, 1 Hundred, ELYSIUM, Sky, Glitzz , MOoH!, Suicide gurls, {ViSion} -S&F, Princess Wayne, Shine By ZD, NoName, AVALE, “DEW”, Winter, Frozen, Frozzen, Frost, Frosty, Xmas, Cold, Snow, Fair, Hunt, Gifts, Gacha. Continue reading

The Aloha Fair 2014- Pictures – Dont Miss This Fair

Hello Friends

As always, our team takes photo around our show.

Sorry for the delay. But we try to make the best possible.

Remember that the show ends this August 11.

Do not miss the big show, with authentic singers alive, others of over a hundred gifts each store for you.

This weekend we will have a real luas show.

Also do not forget to stop by the Gacha Zone, Excellent ítems Wait for you can trade to other




Countdown For Open The Aloha Fair 2014- Surprise Live Show

We are So Excited About this fair.

Our Team Make a beauty Sim Work.

We Made a Special Thanks to all Designer and Blogger Inside This Event. We Love you all work is very pretty. Around 110 Store in SL in one Sim ….You dont Miss the oportunity to get all awesome design made by our pretty designer.

Thanks To Clint Quandry and all your special team. All Our Love Too

Our Sponsor Store: {{BSD Design studio}},  No Name, ArisAris, Envyme, Anymore, Morphine, MoOh, LivGlam, DeeTaLez, Candy Nails, Dew, Delirium Style, Promagic, Wow Skin, Legal Insanity, Essenz 

We have a big Suprise for the second week of this fair:

Authentic Hawaiian Luaus presented by Island Designs

One experience you must have, during a visit to Hawaii,   
it is a night of Hawaiian culture and hospitality at a traditional 
 Honolulu Luau!

More Info dont miss vist The Luau at Isle de Casanova 

Touch In picture

Authentic Luaus presented by Island Style Designs

Soon I post Here The Official Landmark for Access to the sim fair




Team Event Hunt