Info For Share- Designer & Blogger Wanted Geektopia Event

Not ours, but the proposal looks very interesting.
If any of our follower want join read completed all info blog them.
We want to support the new events.
Thank you for contacting us.
I hope you have a big sucess event.

Bee Event SL

Geek Culture is a movement towards an infinite nexus to advances in technology, a geek is a person with an inescapably linked to Internet social life, social networks, online multiplayer games or MMORPG, LARP, chats, comics among others. A geek also uses this technology and the Internet as a means of cultural expression as a way to spread a sense of aesthetics within that special interest on it.

Thus was born our fair Geektopia. An New event that I will have as a focal point Geek culture and everything that surrounds the new technology.

We look for designers who want to demonstrate their fascination and originality with technology, games and comic, bringing their designs to fit the geek trend.

geek topialogo

It is important to remember that the use of official real life logo,trademark or comic characters in their designs is prohibited for sale, it violates the intellectual property of RL designers…

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