The Aloha Fair- Last Week- Picture & More

The Aloha Fair Last Week See Some Picture Exclusive Ítems and more

Sponsored By
MONOMANIA-Mooh!-Slipper Original-NoName-  LAKSHMI-La Gazza Ladra-LX Essentials- Gypsy Chic- A*S- Aris Aris – Shae’s Designs -8-NSP Florals & [MUSE]-Ghee
This Summer Best Event…!
80 Great Designer In One Summer Trendy Sim
Animations-Furniture- Decor- Clothes- Shoes- Skin & Much More
–  Gacha
–  Discount Bazaar in Less 99 L$
– Exclusive Gifts in Each Store- Found the Beach Ball.
– Exclusive Items In Discount 50 % Or more Less.

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.: Black :.

Wear Styling ♛

Styling 194Styling 194-1

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The Hipster Fair OPEN NOW…!!

The Hipster Fair Open Now….!

The Best Annual Hipster Trendy Fair In SL
Sponsored By:ArisAris, Noname, The Little Bat, LAKSHMI, TUKINOWAGUMA, Emporium, MOoH, Ducknipple, Ghee, AS*, DEW, Gypsy Chic,  ODDITY & Azalea

More 80 Store Around SL. One Sim 15 Days For Shopping – Sales- Gifts- Gachas

Come and Check all beauty designer in this fair…!!

  • Gachas
  • Exclusive ítems with discount 70 % off
  • Gifts in each store
  • Bazaar Ítems Discount in less 75 L$

Landpoint GROUP  Gifts – Only at The Sim

.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.







THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]




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