Last Week For The Hipster Fair Closed- New Gifts Rezz in World

Hi Dear Reader

We All know the Hipster Fair Start your Last Week, Our team decided make a new Gifts Limited Only Avaliable in this Event Never see Again.


This are near The Landpoint :

Remember all Store Make a Exclusive and Great Ítems, each one have a very Pretty Gifts too

Our Best Sponsor:

*PerveTTe*,Delirium Style, *AS, Legal Insanity, Envyme, MoOh !, Glitzz, Essenz, ghee, DIAMANTE, /heathenesque/ {ViSion} -S&F, Zoey’s Closet , AIMI SKINS, .::wow skins::shine by [ZD] , ArisAris.AVALE,NoName, NerdMonkey


Preview Ítems You Found In Our Fair

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See Soon

The Event Hunt Forever Planner Team

Designer App Closed For The Hipster Fair 2015

Dear Designers

As we all know It’s been more than 1 weeks does not respond No application for our event hipster fair .

We are excited to announce the official closing this day , all requests starting today sent automatically to our waiting list .

All space for this event have already been taken , assigned and confirmed. We thank everyone who applied for this event , we received about 286 applications , our team tried to give space to each in its majority.

We are planning a larger event , maybe two or three sims also give space to each of our dear designers who put their trust in our event.

We also thank all the blogger who applied for this event will continue receiving applications even for an effective response directly contact fiorella clarity.

The count began and as I usual our team performed a gift prior to the event group.
Snapshot_003 copia2Group Key: secondlife:///app/group/b4d07300-c4bd-c7d7-edaf-c2dcbccb20e5/about

Ops almost forgot , here is the list of our sponsor for this event , Coming lists all the shops and the official board

SPONSOR: Essenz, *PerveTTe*  , AVALE, Envyme, *AS, Delirium Style,MoOh !, Glitzz,  Legal Insanity, ghee, :A&A::Diamante, /heathenesque/, {ViSion} -S&F, Zoey’s Closet, AIMI SKINS , .::wow skins::. , NoName, shine by [ZD], ArisAris, NerdMonkey

The Hipter Fair2

The Hipster Fair

We Hope See You Soon In the Event


The Event Hunt& Planner Team