The Garage Fair Open Today at Noon

Springsteen (3)

Today at 12 Noon SL, Open Our Annual Garage Fair 2017 With Many Sales, Gifts, Gacha & Discount.

Come and check more 80 best Brand in one sim, with 50%, 30 % off, Gachas Exclusive Gifts in each store

As usual, here are our exclusive welcome gifts on our landpoint.


.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.

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The Free Dove



THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]



Remember the sim Open at 12 PM noon Sl Hour- No wear hud or any laggy ítems for best confortable shopping experience


The Garage Fair 2017- Store Confirmed at This Time- Last Chance To Apply Designer

As everyone knows, we are already a month away from starting this event.
We still have Few Medium Space available.
If you have not experienced an event in your SLlife, if you are a new designer this is your opportunity to consolidate your Brand.
Store Confirmed & Join at This Time 04-02-2017
Shae’s Designs
Outside the Box!
Boutique #187
Bodhi Clothing
Pechu Shop
Nous Vous
.::WoW Skins::.
 7 Deadly s[K]ins
 January Appliers
 Fashiowl Poses
 [Mystic Canvass]
 Pin Up
 Roosters n cHix
 ines Schridde  Couture
 Roosters n cHix
 Aphrodite Shop
 Cremosas Store
 KiB Designs
 !!! Karla Boutique !!!
Shopie Creations
ZENDRA & More Add Soon

Info & Rules About This Event: Touch Here

Direct Link Applications Designer


New Event Coming Soon- Apps Open Designer Website- The Garage Fair 2017

springsteen-1The Garage Fair Is the most actual concept and new in SL. This Fair has the particularity to mix new and old trend in the same sim. The sim will be recreated as a fair at best warehouse style. It will feature Zone outlet and Gachas.

The Theme is based in a Casual, Urban & Fashionista Style Old, New and Mixed. Imagine yourself being in a garage sale , every designer can offer the newest to the oldest of Design made it., Read the Rules for know More About This event

This is a Great Opportunity to meet New Designer, New Style & Old Designer Too.
Our Fair Show allowed Boobies,Applier, Mesh Clothing, Hair, Skin, Accessories, Furniture, Nails, Poses And More.

Date: May, 12 To May 26, 2017

❀Pose, Animations, Furniture, Clothes, Skin, Shape, Jewelry, Hair, Shoes, Kids,Nails & Accessories
Garage ( Sponsor) Fee 6500 L$ – 135 Prims *By Private Invitation* Limited Number*
Exclusive Items: 2 Max 50 or 30 % OFF
Gachas: 3 Max
Bazaar Box: 1 Near the landpoint
Medium Cartel From Your Logo Store
Big Store Near Land-point
Your Name Store in all Our Advertise & Landmark

Garage Regular ( Regular Store) Fee 3550 L$-70 Prims
Exclusive Items: 1 Max
Gachas: 2 Max
Bazaar Box: 1 in any of corner sim space
Small Cartel From Your Logo Store
Medium Store Around the Sim

Garage New Only For New Stores (Small Cart) Fee 1850 L$ 25 Prims* Limited Number*
Exclusive Items: 1 Max
Gachas: 1 Max Need Pay Additional Fee- 399 L$-
Bazaar Box: No Eligible
Cart Small Identify your logo Store
Around The Sim NO specific Space and No Near the land-point
Only Can Rezz a Gift inside the cart limit
For Gacha Machine Need Make the Request and Canceled the fee 399 L$

❁ ❀ ✿RULES ❁ ❀ ✿

❁ Rezz Our Official Board with flyer event Promo In your Mainstore and put our logo in your site – Mandatory-
❁ Sponsor Space Are Limited and Be selected By Private Personal Invitation. You apply But our team considered 1st our oldest Sponsor & Private Invited.
❁ Not Scripted Decorations.
❁ The Store Owner Can be add in your app, max 2 Manager for store. 3 People For Store.
❁Minimum Exclusive Items Required (1) per store. Need be marked with exclusive tag provide by our team, And in turn, you need to have a discount price of 30 – 50% less.
❁The Gacha Machine Number limited by space, and will be sent by our team to you, you can also make your exclusive in gacha machines, Pull Price are 25,50,75,95 max. Minimum (1) rare items and 6 Commons.
Sponsor Can Place 3 Gacha Max- Additional Gacha 299 L$
Medium Can Place 2 Gacha Max- Aditional gacha 299 L$
Kiosk Need Pay aditional fee for place Gacha in your Space – 399 L$- Only 1 Gacha
If you use template please be carefull about the TOS of your template provided. If any designer broken any tos the gacha will be return.All Gacha need be set inside your store.
❁ The Gifts need be set in the box provide for our team and the range Price (0-1L$). This Need place inside your store.
❁The Exclusive item should only be on sale at the show sim during the event. Later you can sell it in your store without discount.
❁Not Outside Decor like Big Cartel Advertise, Greeter , Land-giver, Vendor Or any roof décor- All need be place inside your store limit.
❁ The Cart Small Space: Only 25 Prims ,THIS IS MADE FOR NEW DESIGNER . If you are a regular designer of our fairs, you should note that these spaces are for new designers and if you apply automatically it will be discarded.We recommend applying for medium space. Our team wants to give new talent an opportunity to try out their designs at our events.
❁Prims Count: all Designer Need Be inside your prim limit count. Not exception. For Extras Prims write to fiorella Clarity for request. Each Adittional Prim 75 L$
❁ The Bazaar Zone: The Items can be oldest or newest Preferential, This are around the sim you need buy the box and change the image front for your logo or the item pics.
Price Set 10-75 L$.
❁ Not Reseller allowed.
❁The gacha Machine Additional have a fee 299 L$ or 399 L$.
Landpoint Gacha Machine 499 L$.
****Need Make your request at fiorella clarity or crisshoney violet*****


*******************APPS DESIGNER FORM TOUCH **********************

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The Garage Fair 2016-Open Tomorrow- Sneak a peak

We are very happy with all the work of our designers for this event.
They really are fantastic, unique and best of all only here you will find the best Price.If because our Garage fair is a fair discount and excellent prices.

You can find, a little of everything, furniture, skybox, mesh hair, poses, animations, mesh layers and clothing, among many other things with 50 or 30% discount.

In addition, each store has GACHA with amazing prizes and gifts.
You should not miss our discount area where each store has left designs in lower prices to 99 L $,This area is located at each corner of sim.

Our  Store Sponsors:

collageverison final

In addition to more than 80 stores around the sim with awesome discount and design.

You should not miss the gifts you will always find at the point of arrival, in this show we have a gift collaboration of one of our designers, Munspain Store.


This 2 gifts are Exclusive free  with our follower group tag

.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.




For Third Life Group – Exclusive free  with Thirdlife group tag- Limited time

THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]



You can not miss this fair, we have many surprise around the sim.
excellent designers and best of all the discount Price in all ítems.

As always, our readers have the scoop on the location of sim

Remember that the sim opens tomorrow

Limo to Garage Fair 2016

Soon More Picture In our Official Flickr Acount

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