Hipster Fair Designer- Blogger Coverage Share #2

Hair: Vanity Hair – Delicate Eyeshadows: A R T E – Stylish Liner @ HIPSTER FAIR 2017 Lipstick: ARTE -Catya Glossy lipstick Nails: alme. Ombre Dark @ On9 Necklace: (Kunglers) Margarita necklace

a través de 235.Me — AnnaG Pfeffer-Fashionblogsl

The Hipster Fair Open Soon- Countdown For Get All Exclusive Gifts & Gacha


Sponsored by:
Slipper Original, ArisAris/B&W, NoName, Mooh!, Evolve, LAKSHMI, Zombie Suicide, Identity, Ducknipple, Gypsy Chic, A*S, Shae’s Designs, Artizana & Ghee.

Dont Forget Look Around The Sim, 80 Best Brand Around With Gacha & Gifts in each store.
All inspired in Hipster Trend that more than a fashion is a life culture that allows to mix the modern and vintage with a retro pop touch.

As usual, here are our exclusive welcome gifts on our landpoint.


.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.




The Free Dove



THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]


Remember the sim Open at 2 PM noon Sl Hour- No wear hud or any laggy ítems for best confortable shopping experiencie.

TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Home%20Town/130/126/28

We Are Back….!!! Happy New Year 201

We are back…!!

After a well deserved vacation with the family. We are back with you.

We hope that this new year will be of happiness, prosperity and many blessings.

We remind you that there is still little space available for the hipster fair.



All Info about this amainzing event and apps in this follow link



On behalf of all our team we wish to wish you a happy and blessed year 2017

Any Doubt about This event or Blogger apps please send NC to

Fiorella Clarity- Blogger Apps & Designer Info

Thebohoculturefair resident- Designer Info

The Event Hunt Team

The Boho Culture Fair 2016- OPEN TOMORROW- Be 1st to Come and Celebrate with Us 5th Anniversary

Hello Dear readers and followers


Our team is very happy. Because only missing hours for the grand opening of our event The Boho Culture Fair 2016- 5th Anniversary.

This year will be full of gifts and surprises… !!!

Some made by our talented designers and others for our team. We want everyone to be part of our celebration.

Sponsored :

Legal insanity, Lakshimi, Aris Aris, Ghee, A*S, GOOSE, Go&See, LX Essentials, Petite Mort, NoName, MOoH! , Ducknipple, {JAS},+ Mouni Poses +, Meva, GypsyChic, BISHES INC. Shae’s Creation. & More 100 Best Store in one Sim.

What you will find in our event?

  • Beautiful exclusive items made by our designers.

Touch Here for the Shopping Guide 2016


Last Update: 10/20/2016

1st Place:
4000 L$ From Event Hunt Planner Team
1000 L$ Starr Fashion Gift Card 500
Pack From Arte Store: 7 Products in Total Different make-up appliers; eyelashes, eyeshadows and lipsticks.
P] Pillows Hippie Pink Shades
1000 L$ Mooh! Store Gift Card
2500 L$ IT! Store Gift Card
4 Mesh Market Stall Decor Exclusive From MunSpain Store
1000 L$ NoName Store Gift Card
1000 L$ Trashed Store Gift Cards
1000 L$ PMS Store Gift Cards

2nd Place:
2000 L$ From Event Hunt Planner Team
500 L$ Starr Fashion Gift Card
Pack from Arte store: lipstick appliers for Catwa in several tones
[P] Pillows Peace Sign Earrings
500 L$ Mooh! Store Gift Card
1000 L$ IT! Store Gift Card
500 L$ NoName Store Gift Card
500 L$ [Lillou Merlin Design] Gift Card
500 L$ PMS Store Gift Cards

3rd Place:
 250 L$ From Event Hunt Planner Team
250 L$ Starr Fashion Gift Card
From Arte store :make-up applier consisting of moles in combination with blush in different tones, with option to wear the moles without the blush.
[P] Pillows Bracelet
250 L$ Mooh! Store Gift Card
500 L$ IT! Store Gift Card
250 L$ NoName Store Gift Card
200 L$ Trashed Store Gift Card
250 L$ PMS Store Gift Cards

More Ítems Add Soon –



THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]


.:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.

The Free Dove


We want to have the best experience of all.
Try to come up with low cost render.
Without wearing any hud or script to increase your lag.


The Hipster Fair App OPEN NOW – 2nd Edition

•●  The Hipster Fair 2015 ●•۰ Feb, 01.2015 To Feb, 15-2015 Theme: Hipster & Indie Fashion Style https://eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com/

The Hipter Fair2

 ✁ ——————————————————————————————— Blogger & Web Sponsor: Moolto & FashionEmergency (More added Soon)

DESIGNER ALLOWED: ❀Pose, Animations, Furniture, Clothes, Skin, Shape, Jewelry, Hair, Shoes, Kids,Nails & More

 ✎ In the world of clothing, the hipster style is extremely trendy. Fashion’s Style Hipster is Very Commons In SL too. This is the second year for this amazing fair. We have very pretty designer in the last years. Dont miss the opportunity to shared your hipster trend style with all SL. We make this fair for exploring the creative designer are in SL.

 ✁ ———————————————————————————————


❁  Rezz Our Official Board In your Mainstore and put our logo in your site – Mandatory- ❁ Sponsor Space Are Limited and Be selected By Private Personal Invitation or By Team. You apply But our team considered 1st our oldest Sponsor & Private Invited. ❁ Not Scripted Decorations or reseller vendors ❁ The Store Owner Can be add in your app, max 2 Manager for store. 3 People For Store. ❁ The Gacha in this fair not mandatory, and our team provide the gacha . The Gacha limit Pull price is 75 L$. ( If you want gacha be sure mark in the app you request for one). If you use template please be carefull about the TOS of your template provided. If any designer broken any tos the gacha will be return. ❁ The Gifts need be set in the box provide for our team and the range Price (0-1L$). This Need place inside your store. ❁Not Outside Decor like Big Cartel Advertise, Greeter , Land-giver, Vendor. ❁ The Cart Small Space: Only 15 Prims ,this is made for new designer with small Shop. IF any Regular o Sponsor Designer Have one need be marked in the app for check availability or made you request to crisshoney violet. ❁Prims Count: all Designer Need Be inside your prim limit count. Not exception. For Extras Prims write to fiorella Clarity for request. Each Adittional Prim 30 L$ ❁ The Bazaar Zone: The Items can be oldest or newest Preferential, This are around the sim  you need buy the box and change the image front for your logo or the item pics. Price Set 10-45 L$. ❁The gacha Machine Additional have a fee 299 L$. Need Make your request at thebohoculturefair resident

 ✁ ———————————————————————————————

SPACE Hipster Premium ( Sponsor) Fee 5800 L$ – 120 Prims*Limit Number by private invited* Include: Medium Cartel From Your Logo Store Big Store Near Land-point Your Logo and Name in all Our Advertise & Landmark Cartel Rotation with Other Sponsor Around Sim Chance to apply for one  Gacha & one  Bazaar Box Hipster Regular ( Regular Store) Fee 2900 L$-60 Prims Small Cartel From Your Logo Store Medium Store Front To Hipster Gold Store And Around the Sim Chance For Apply for One Gacha & One Bazaar Box Hipster New (Small Cart) Fee 850 L$ 15 Prims* Limited Number* Cart Small Identify your logo Store Around The  Sim NO specific Space and No Near the land-point Not eligible to get Gacha or Bazaar Boxes. Only Can Rezz a Gift inside the cart limit For Gacha Machine Need Make the Request and Canceled the fee  299 L$

 ✁ ———————————————————————————————

If you apply via website you need wait 72 Hour for confirmation notecard by our team and fill your logo in our office You can ask for the App inworld to our event coordinator Fiorella Clarity-Blogger Crisshoney Violet- Designer YOU CAN GET THE INWORLD APP FOR BLOGGER O DESIGNER IN OUR MAIN OFFICE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miriam/40/78/1501