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Finally OPen
Most the 110 Best Brand Around SL with totally amazing creations for this fair.
Our Best Sponsor:

*PerveTTe*,Delirium Style, *AS, Legal Insanity, Envyme, MoOh !, Glitzz, Essenz, ghee, DIAMANTE, /heathenesque/ {ViSion} -S&F, Zoey’s Closet , AIMI SKINS, .::wow skins::shine by [ZD] , ArisAris.AVALE,NoName, NerdMonkey

Make great Ítems For all

You can take a look in our oficial flickr page

Our team made as usual special group gifts for give the welcome and thnx to all our follower inworld and Facebook page

This Gifts  be rezzed in our landpoint near, each tee separatly only need have the fair & hunt group  and touch the box


What do you found in this fair ?

* Exclusive ítems in 50 or 30 % off each store

* 4 Gachas Zone with amainzing ítems for trade

* Gifts inside each store 0-1 L$

* Bazaar Zone ítems in less 75 L$

Our team made this maps layout for help to found each zone, all borders are Store and Kiosk Stall with awesome product too


We made a special thnx to all designer made this event posible, thank too all blogger comunity work together our team for make this event a big success. We love so much….♥

Big thank to all our team for all work, our builder team, all thnx so much.

The Sim Open Tomorrow at noon of SL Hour, But we want to shared the taxi with all our reader:

Please remember low your render cost for better experience

And welcome to our hipster fair 2015


The Event Hunt & Forever Planner

Calendar Official of Event- The Lust City Fair Move the date again-Soon More Info ♥

Hi dear Designer and Blogger

In the order to give the best info about our event, our team make this shedule to all event be planned to the next year.

When the app are avaliable be published in this blog. So be alert to our blog for newest event.

About The Lust City fair Our team decided paussed this fair for two reasson:

1st- The age veriefied, if you know this fair is Mature content so is very hard close the sim only for age veriefied avatar. Because this are minnority in second life. The team need adjust few ideas for make this fair more easy access to our best costumer and general public.♥

2nd- Many Event for This Month, We know the fair need time and many work,  Our team need be secure you have great sell and your time and work for our event be rewarded. ♥

So in the order to guarantee Our event the team considered be public our Official Calendar of Event

Event Name

Start Date End Date
25 DAY FOR XMAS 12/01/2013 12/25/2013
THE HIPSTER FAIR I 01/21/2014 02/04/2014
THE LUST CITY FAIR 03/11/2014 03/25/2014
THE GARAGE SALE FAIR II 05/13/2014 05/27/2014
THE COMICS FAIR 07/15/2014 07/30/2014
MY SALE BOUDOIR FESTIVAL II 08/12/2014 08/26/2014
THE BOHO CULTURE FAIR III 10/14/2014 10/30/2014
25 DAYS FOR XMAS 12/01/2014 12/25/2014

The 25 Days for Xmas is a Hunt prize event only for privated invited

The Lust City Fair app are open in our office but see the new date please.

The rest Event When the app are open be published here with rules and all.

Thank you for your time to read all our info

The Event Hunt Team♥

Its Official, No More App For Designer & Blogger For Boho Fair 2013.

Our Team Have the Hard work, We have two big waitting list for Store in boho culture fair, So we decided no accept more App for this fair. We  wish accept all App and make 2 or 3 big Sims  For this Fair maybe the next year we can do it.

Around the 156 Store app we have in our inventory. 90 Store are accepted and no have more spot avaliable now.


If you  want apply for the lust city fair come to our  in world office this fair have app recepction open